Once upon a time there was an old wealthy man who was suffering from severe eye pain. He consulted many doctors and treatments but to no avail.

At last, he heard about a famous medicinal man from faraway who was able to treat rare diseases that usually had no cure. Without any delay, the old wealthy man went on a trip to visit the medicinal man to seek treatment.

From the first consultation, the medicinal man understood the old man’s pain and problem. In order to cure his pain, the old man was told  to only see things in green and not see any other colours from now on.

The old wealthy man found the treatment strange but was willing to give it a try anyway. He ordered his servants and saved no expense to paint everything around him in green as he would not go anywhere or see anything that is not green.

A few months passed. The treatment worked and the pain lessened significantly. The old man went back to the medicinal man to for a check up on his progress. Before he entered into consultation, his servants told the medicinal man that they needed to paint him in green too before the consultation begin. “Our master could only see green, as per your instruction, Sir,” the servants explained, “so we have followed this instruction strictly and made sure that everything and everyone he sees are painted in green.

On hearing the explanation, the medicinal man could not help but laughed. “If only he had purchased a pair of green-tinted glasses to wear…. Regardless of your master’s fortune, he could not paint the whole world green. It is always easier to change one’s own lens.