There was a young man who was just beginning to know love. He was curious and want to know what is love. He sought out the wisest man he could find, an old monk living in a mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, the young man asked the old monk, “Master, you are old and wise. Tell me, what is love?”

The old monk did not give him an answer. Instead, he asked the young man to go through the forest in front of them. “Go straight, don’t look back. Only one chance, pick the most beautiful flower you could find along the way and bring her to me at the other side of the forest.”

Half-wondering why, the young man nonetheless followed the old monk’s instructions and started his journey into the forest.

Not far into the forest, the young man saw a beautiful flower. Tempted to pick her up, he remembered that there was only one chance. Maybe there are more beautiful ones further down the road, he thought. So he did not pick up the first beautiful flower he saw and moved on.

Shortly down the road, the young man saw another flower that was more beautiful than the first one. Aha, that’s right, there must be more beautiful flowers deeper in the forest, he was happy with his own choice to wait and see more. So he did not pick the second flower and walked on.

Then he saw a third flower that was even more beautiful than the ones before, and then the fourth, the fifth, and he lost count. When his legs started to get tired, the young man realized that he was almost near the end of the forest. The young man panicked, as he had not picked a flower yet! He thought of turning back to look for the most beautiful flower he saw but he could not. It was getting dark. Left with little choice, he picked a humble flower that was the most beautiful around.

The old monk was standing at the other side of the forest waiting. When the young man emerged from the forest and handed him his flower, the old monk asked,

“Is that the most beautiful flower you could find?”

The young man was full of regrets.

“No,” he sighed, “I saw flowers more beautiful, and there was one that was the most beautiful, but I was curious to see more.”

The old monk smiled gently, and said,

“Here is your answer, young man. This is Love.”

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