“You, yourself, as much as anyone else in the universe, deserve your love and affection.”
– Buddha

As I write this month’s issue of Coffee with XY, I am sipping my morning cup of Nespresso in a different office because of another professional learning project I am taking on. Effectively, I am on two shifts between ReSET and this project and you might think I am a masochist, but little do you know how much I love this.

No More Self-Sacrifice

jugglingclown-295It might seem that I have to juggle many things. In fact, I do, but I am working less. Yes, you did not read wrongly, I am working less hours, feeling more energetic and totally enjoy my every day. How?

First, I had a mindset shift recently when it comes to hard work. I used to believe that loading ourselves with more and more work is the way to do and achieve more. Sacrificing ourselves for ambitions, goals and other people’s demands is the way to attaining greatness. So I created processes and journeys filled with blood and sweat and tired myself out quickly.

Then I was forced to rethink my belief and methods. I re-read Tim Ferris. Coupled with a compelling inner voice which tells me to love myself more, I saw how I was sacrificing myself unnecessarily. My pain did not make anyone else feel better. It might have even infected those around me who truly love and care about me.

So I am claiming back the power to treat myself to love, especially in this season of new year and giving.

Treat Yourself to Love

I was really feeling much loved at our launch party about a week ago. Surrounded by supporters and friends of ReSET despite a stormy weather (which ruined our garden party plan), ReSET was born to bring more good to the world!

With the love and support of our group of experts, ReSET has started to create relationship-improvement programs that combines the expertise and experience of our experts. We look forward to rolling them out with the ReSET App early next year! Do stay tuned for the App, which promises many surprises in terms of interesting features and functions built with our users in mind.

Treat yourself and your partner to love, and ReSET will definitely help in that. Meanwhile before the App is ready, feel free to learn how to love yourself better through our upcoming workshops and events this month, including a beautiful experiential practice session of self-love with Delphine and an intimate conversation session about rekindling desire with Andrea.

Try them out and be part of our amazing community as we take care of love while enjoying the year end celebrations and embracing the brand new year!

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
– Lucille Ball