Paperwork is daunting. Seldom do people like to do complicated paperworks, especially in a divorce. The amount of forms to be completed, and their complexity, may be a great challenge if you DIY your divorce.

Here is an overview of the documents required to commence divorce process in Singapore, hopefully it can help make the paperwork slightly easier for you by giving you a better understanding.

Papers & More Papers

1. Writ of Divorce (Form 3)

A writ of divorce is the formal piece of paper to commence a divorce. It gives notice to your spouse that you are commencing divorce and contains information on what he or she needs to do to respond.

paper hammer

2. Statement of Claim (Form 6)

The Statement of Claim will give more information based on the Ground of Divorce to support your claim that  your marriage has irretrievably broken down.

3. Statement of Particulars (Form 8)

The Statement of Particulars is a standard statement detailing the particulars of the couple. It will also state in greater detail facts for the termination of marriage.

4. Agreed/Proposed Parenting Plan (Form 10/11)

paper child

If you have child(ren) under 21 years old, this would relate to the custody, care and control of the child(ren).

5. Agreed/Proposed Matrimonial Property Plan (Form 12/14)

The Agreed/Proposed Matrimonial Property Plan will include the particulars of the matrimonial property and the agreed/proposed arrangements with regard to payment of outstanding loans on the property, as well as division based on contributions to purchase price.paper house

6. Particulars of Housing Arrangement (Form 13)

You will only need to complete this if the matrimonial property is a HDB flat.

7. Acknowledgement of Service (Form 17)

This is a template you attach for your spouse to acknowledge the receipt of the divorce papers served on him or her.paper receipt

8. Memorandum of Appearance (Form 18)

This is a template you attach for your spouse to join the process if he or she wishes to contest the divorce. If he or she does not do so within 8 days, it may be taken that he or she does not want to contest the divorce.

Filing & Service of Papers

You can leave all that to your lawyer if you have one.

paper sealIf you DIY, you will have to go to Lawnet & Crimsonlogic Service Bureau to file your papers. If your documents are in order, the Family Court will accept your documents for filing. Copies of your documents will be affixed electronically with the Court seal and the sealed copies will be given to you.paper mail.PNG

After that, you have to serve a sealed copy of all the papers on your spouse by one of the following ways:

  • by personal service, which means that the documents must be handed to your spouse directly by someone authorized to do so, such as a court process server;
  • by registered post to the your spouse’s address. The Court accepts this form of service only if your spouse signs and returns the Acknowledgment of Service to you;
  • by E-Litigation on your spouse’s lawyer, if he or she has one, but only if the lawyer indicates on the documents that he or she accepts service on behalf of  your spouse.

Too Complicated Still?

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