“The secret to happiness is freedom… and the secret to freedom is courage.” – Thuycidides

This coming month I want to talk about Freedom. Three months into #thestartuplife, my friends and loved ones are increasingly concerned about me. “How have you been?” After disappearing from social events and messaging apps, trimming the fat of leisure and relaxation, freedom, seems to come at a hefty price.

Indeed, I almost burnt myself out a little too quickly. Uncertainty and risks weighed heavy on my heart and mind. The pressure to do everything at once and by yesterday, drove myself up the walls of madness daily. My silence said more than “I’m busy” as the default reply to my much concerned friends.

Freedom Requires Discipline

In order to enjoy my new-found freedom instead of being enslaved by it, I discovered that freedom requires discipline. This is not oxymoronic. Without setting rules and boundaries, without making discerning choices and informed decisions, absolute freedom would ruin everything. This is not only applicable to work, but love and life as well, and what ReSET is all about.

So I’ve learnt quickly how to apply a disciplined approach to my new freedom, establishing routines and principles, shaping mindsets and perspectives. Certainly, a lot of my inspirations come from the experts and new partners we’ve talked to this month. First is our positive psychology partner Tara Schofield from Thrive Fusion, who shared her scientific framework and structured approach to well-being. Then I’ve learnt to take care of my own body and physiques better from Ron, our body works therapist. After all, our body is the temple of our soul, nothing beats a routine good work-out to reboot the system to its optimum. We also found Andrea from Athena Rising, our sexology expert, who has helped many find freedom in their own sexuality through her practices.

Freedom Requires a Safe Space

What I have also realized is that one needs a safe space to be free. In our workshop An Honest Conversation about Money with our partner Gail from Live True, attendees were able to open up to their own vulnerabilities and had deep reflections about their own money stories.

Meanwhile, in our Time to Love Yourself, participants enjoyed the meditation workshop conducted in our private beautiful space Okumé, the perfect way to recharge TGIF before the weekend. Here is a lovely message we’ve gotten in return that made our weekend:

“Thank you. You are like the sunshine. Good to be around and know that there’s hope in the world :)”

If you’ve missed this, there is another chance this Friday to experiencing this wonder in Connecting with Love.

Free-dom for Good

Speaking of our spaces, we are freeing them up for workshops and events with our partners. Sharing is caring, and we love community building.

Last but not least, I am so glad that ReSET is now officially a Social Enterprise, Member of RaiSE. We are pledging to achieve the social impact bringing accessibility of our resources to 20% of users who are from defined beneficiary categories. As increasing accessibility to information and help to the wider community is our key mission, we are happy we are free.

Without revealing too much details, we are also rolling out a philanthropic project at our official launch party. If you would like to be part of the party, the good news is that we are giving away 10 tickets to our amazing launch party to our lovely users. Participation according to our Facebook Page. Act fast!

“Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Anderson