Portrait photo of the Founder of ReSETThere is light in everyone of us.

Regardless of how bad the current situation is, it is up to us to discover joy despite our daily struggles. Whether through stories of real-life heroines who have inspired us; or in reinventing legends from ancient times; or by gathering friends and family together under the moonlight of the Mid-Autumn; this month, September 2018, marks the time to celebrate Light in Darkness.

The Little Prince
Credits to the Cannes Film Festival

Seeing the Light

“It is only with the heart one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” – The Little Prince, Saint Exupery

For someone who has lost her vision since 8 years old, Cassandra Chiu has never lost vision in her life. Not only has she represented Singapore in sporting competitions at national levels. She has received great honours and nationwide recognition as the Singapore Woman of the Year 2012, amongst others. In addition to her successes, she is sharing her light to help others as a psychotherapist at The Safe Harbour Counselling Centre, which she founded. The Safe Harbour provides psychotherapy at affordable costs to meet the needs of individuals with difficulties such as relationship, workplace or personal issues. She is also a strong advocate for educating on mental and psychological well-being. Joining ReSET as our expert in relationship counselling, Cassandra hopes to bring light and courage to many more who are seeking inspiration and hope.

IMG_8603Meanwhile, Delphine Supanya, the founder of Ange Gardien, practises self-illumination, proving how we can all be masters of our own ailments, physically and emotionally. Since the young age of 13, she suffered from multiple chronic diseases and medical conditions. The doctors believed she could not live a long healthy life. At the age of 28, she had a stroke and cardiac arrest. She was told that she could never fully recover. Delphine’s near-death encounters and sufferings did not prevent her from rising above the impossible. Through visualization of her entire body and the ability to communicate intricately with her physical, emotional and mental systems, not only had she survived, she regained her full mobility and reversed all her chronic conditions within six months from her stroke.

Incredible but true, these amazing heroines has more than inspired us. They have shown us a light from within that shines brightest, in the darkest of time.

The Legend of Chang-E

shutterstock_144401263Moving back to ancient time, as the legend may have it, Chang-E (嫦娥), the wife of a warrior-emperor, Hong-Yi (后羿), was increasingly unhappy with her husband. So she swallowed the only two pills for immortality instead of sharing her husband, and instead of becoming doubly immortal, flew away to the Moon.

Over lunch with interns when I casually told this story, it suddenly dawned on me how relevant it is to what we do. With some necessary reinvention, it is perfect timing to retell this ancient legend over tea with mooncakes. Read The New Legend of Chang-E.

Walk with Me

red blue yellow and white sky lantern lotI remember walking with a candle-lit bunny lantern on the night of the Mid-Autumn when I was a child. Without being able to appreciate its significance, it was still a joyful activity undertaken by the family. Now with better appreciation of legends, customs, cultural ceremonies and celebrations, the thought of organizing a lantern walk to celebrate togetherness, light and joy, excites me so much. Mark the date down for a walk in the park this 21st September evening. RSVP required. Sign up Now.

ReSET Soft-launch

At the same time, ReSET is getting ready to soft-launch our website with Bunny B., our chatbot who can assist users to find what they need. Bunny B is a newly-born baby and certainly needs more training along the way. But we cannot wait to bring this cute creature to life to bring joy to our users.

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