Too little time for love

We all have only one constraint in life. It is not money, it is time.

The majority of us trade our limited time for money, putting a limit to our lifetime income as well. While the old saying that “time is money” holds true, not everyone appreciates the value of time as much as the value of money.

Time is a scarce resource we have to allocate amongst our various needs and wants. By default, most of our waking hours belong to work. Out of the little time left we share among family, loved ones, friends, acquaintances and hopefully sparing some for our own-selves. It is true that there is too little time for love.

3 Key Ingredients of Quality Time

Given the limited time we have for love, it is all the more important that it is time well spent. Instead of staring at our own mobile screens, or stoning in front of TV together, consider how your limited time together could be better spent to build and strengthen the bond between you and your loved one. The 3 key ingredients of Quality Time are simple and only require your awareness.

#1 – Focused Attention

Giving full attention to the other person may not be easy in a world full of distractions. Silencing mobile notifications, resisting temptation to switch on entertainment, to indulge in the moment with each other. Make this note to yourself that you have limited time to spend together and it should be about each other.

#2 – Meaningful Conversations

Indulging in the moment with each other may soon become awkward without flowing conversation. Some of us may find conversation not a natural strength. It may be easier to start with listening.

“Learning to listen may be as difficult as learning a foreign language, but learn we must if we want to communicate love.” – The 5 Love Languages, The Secret to Love That Lasts

If listening is also difficult as our attention span gets shorter, maintaining eye contact with your love to keep your mind from wandering. Resist the temptation to interrupt and instead enjoy the observations and learning from listening.

When it is your turn to speak, you may be eager to speak our mind. While openness and honesty are good virtues, do be mindful of what you say that may unintentionally reflect stress and negative emotions. Granted that we could all been having a stressful day at work, let’s not further extend the negativity into the precious little time we have with our loved ones. Speak from a place of love.

#3 – Quality Activities

Quality Activities does not necessarily involve expensive fancy dinners or elaborate activities that require much effort and time doing. It can be any activity that one or both of you enjoy. The purpose is to experience something enjoyable together, walking away both having had a good time, and maybe one feeling more loved that her partner is willing to something that pleases her more with a positive attitude. That is an act of love that speaks louder than words.

“Love is a verb.”

Making every second count requires deep appreciation of precious time. Taking action in limited time to make the best out of every moment, is what distinguishes success and failure in everything in life.

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