The content of this Article is based on popularized theories and beliefs by John Gray, who sold over 15 million copies of the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

The Difference Between Appreciation & Respect

Appreciation is acknowledging the other person’s contribution and effort. Respect is prioritizing the other person’s rights, wishes and needs.

When a man is appreciated, he knows his effort is not wasted and is more encouraged to give more and motivated to respect his partner more.

Men Need Appreciation

When a woman acknowledges having received personal benefit and value from a man’s efforts and behaviour, he feels appreciated. Saying “thank you, I really appreciate your [name the contribution or effort]” is a simple way to show appreciation. Hugs and kisses may also be welcomed ways of expression.

When a woman feels respected, it is much easier for her to give her man the appreciation that he deserves.



Women Need Respect

When a man responds to a woman in a way that acknowledges and prioritizes her rights, wishes and needs, she feels respected. Giving flowers, remembering anniversaries may seem like small frivolous things to men, but are physical expressions of respect if the woman think they are important.

Give What He/She Wants, Not What You Want

Sometimes we only understand our own needs and preferences and assume the other person would think or feel the same. Understanding the different needs between men and women is key to knowing how to better express love.

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