The content of this Article is based on popularized theories and beliefs by John Gray, who sold over 15 million copies of the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

A Common Human Condition

I am not worthy.

This is a common human condition affecting both men and women. Yet, it manifests in different ways for the two genders according to John Gray.

Men needs to learn to give

A man fears that he is not good enough or incompetent. It is also a fear of failure that makes him stop giving to the people he wants to give to the most to avoid failure.

When a man is insecure, he compensates by not caring about anyone but himself. Hopefully one day when they are successful and powerful enough, they will start giving.

The process of proving their power prepared them for the wisdom of self-esteem. Through becoming successful and then looking back, they realized that their every failure was necessary to achieve their later successes.”

Women needs to learn to receive

A woman incorrectly believes that she does not deserve to be loved. Hidden in her subconsciousness, this feeling of being unworthy generates the fear of needing others, and imagining that she will not be supported.

When a woman realized that she deserves to be loved, she allows man to give more to her.

When she is no longer giving too much, because she is feeling worthy inside herself, he comes out of his cave and starts building spaceships to come and make her happy.

The right balance leads to a happy ending

When she wakes up and remembers her needs, he also wakes up and wants to give her more.”

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