Athena Rising

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Andrea is an Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, Jade Egg Coach and Founder of Athena Rising. She is part of the pioneer 600 hr Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching (SLRC) Certification by Layla Martin of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality (TIIS). She uses various deep coaching methodologies to incorporate visualization, meditation exercises, mind-body psychology, jade egg practices and ancient traditions (including Taoist and Tantric principles) in various practices.

Andrea is known for holding compassionate and safe spaces, while having clear identification in blind spots around beliefs and combines intuitive insight to a range of tools and practices. Having worked in the corporate FinTech spaces for more than a decade, she is able to combine the experiences across various aspects of the material and emotional, mental and spiritual and integrate them into daily life.

Andrea has additional 200 hours in practices, studies and training for mind-body work and energetic practitioner work in the areas of Angelic Reiki and Theta Healing (certified Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Manifesting & Abundance, Soulmate, Creator & You).

She is currently creating specific programs and workshops for navigating transitions (divorce, career changes, injury, illness) “The Art of Seasons” and for women only, ‘The Art of Jade Egg’.

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