The Safe Harbour

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Cassandra Chiu was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease when she was 8 and her eyesight started to degenerate. Growing up, she didn’t have an easy childhood and her mother always reminded her to focus on her endless other capabilities instead of that one disability. She has represented Singapore in swimming competitions such as the FESPIC (The Asian Para games) and is also a champion bowler. Cassandra is also a psychotherapist and guide at Dialogue in the Dark Singapore.

In 1996, she was the Singapore Disabled Sportswoman of the Year.

In 2012, she won the Singapore Woman of the Year for being recognized for her achievements and bravery in overcoming personal challenges.

 C0202 – Clinical Member

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“Just put one foot, one step in front of the next and get going.” – Cassandra Chiu


Cassandra helped through one of the toughest periods of my life. She guides with compassion, and gives good sound advice in addition to real tangible practices that I still use everyday. She has helped me to find balance and happiness when I never thought I could. Our weekly sessions has helped me grow and I am so very glad to have found her.

I am grateful to Cassandra for not only being a great listening ear, but also an immense help in guiding me through my feelings of self-doubt. She has helped me to truly understand and compartmentalise my thoughts in a way that allows me to function optimally as both a leader and a creative. I am now able to face challenges with a more logical approach, and complete my daily tasks with greater pride and fulfillment. Thank you, Cassandra!

Sessions with Cassandra have provided a safe environment and framework to understand the deeper issues and triggers behind my depression. These have been invaluable in my personal growth, reframing perspectives and developing a more positive way of handling situations.

Cassandra puts me at ease with her demeanour and the way she helps me puts my life in perspective. For the last few years, she has provided me with a safe space to come to whenever I have met with difficulties in life and I am grateful for her support and guidance.

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