Consultancy & Advocacy

Opportunities that many take for granted are not always a given when you are disabled.

Being the very first Singaporean woman to benefit from a Guide Dog, my advocacy started with raising awareness, so others who follow can have a dignified tomorrow.

Our Asian attitudes towards disabilities perpetuate the many antiquated ways of “inclusion”. Discrimination and inequity are a daily challenge no matter the disability. Studies have shown that diversity and non-biasness have proven themselves to be a key driver of internal innovation and business growth! Appropriate policies in all sectors can ease introduction, paving the way for true inclusivity, where everyone wins. In any developed society, inclusivity of persons with disabilities should not be a novelty or token.

My vision is to nudge society towards true inclusion where every person who is disabled has the equal opportunity to lead a meaningful, dignified life!

It has been an honor to be involved in the successful creation, modification and implementation of policies in both local and overseas corporations bringing real inclusivity closer to fruition.

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