Counselling with Safe Harbour

Often it is easier for someone outside to provide a sense of clarity and direction to those within.

Working with clients from varying backgrounds, I have helped them through emotional crises, family discords, and many other life challenges. It has been really satisfying to “watch” my clients smile again, and realized the lives they so desire and deserve.

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At first, I was skeptical that going to a counsellor would solve the problems in my relationship but because of the hard times we were going through, I decided to give it a try. Throughout several joint sessions Cassandra gave us – in a very professional and caring way – a different mindset and view on how our partner feels and reacts and she taught us concrete techniques to deal with conflict. I can easily say that I wouldn’t be in a happy relationship now if it wasn’t for her counselling.

I was recommended to see Cassandra by a family member and ever since, there was no looking back. Cassandra does not spoon feed you but carefully guides you along the way to overcome your problems. She possesses the utmost patience and shows a deep care and concern towards your obstacles. I will always be indebted to her for how she has helped to turn my life around! Thank you, Cassandra.

It is tough going through a rough patch on your own. The breakdown of my marriage affected my life deeply. Cassandra was not only comforting, but combining her patience and experience, she provided me with much needed reassurances that I could move on. I felt free of judgment in her company and that made it easier for me to “let it all out”. Thanks to her, I am not in a state of depression.

Hey Cassandra, just updating you that I am moving into my new home this year and feeling good about life. Thank you for helping me along the way, your guidance has given me the confidence to move ahead.

I first saw Cassandra on 20 July 2017, with recommendation from my brother-in-law who had seen her previously for his set of problems. Cassandra has been really professional, thoughtful and empathetic in helping me manage my marital issues and my personal mental well-being. My sessions with her always helped me get more clarity and provided me some guidance in what my next steps should be. I encourage anyone with any set of problems to have Cassandra as their go-to person because she is that beacon of light and voice of reason when you are at your darkest and lowest point in your life. Thank you Cassandra, for making me see hope when I thought all is lost.