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Inner Voyage was an enlightening, exploratory, calming and integrating the experience. I learned a great technique for talking with parts of myself and maintaining equilibrium so the internal struggle doesn’t feel so acute and difficult to manage. I knew I had ways to access this, to explore and to know more but it was a timely reminder of the need to take time to do this and I learned some great techniques to integrating this more in a day to day life. I feel much calmer, happier and less in emotional turmoil. Thank you so much, Delphine. I would recommend Inner Voyage to anyone who is open to looking inside. Delphine is talented in guiding you intuitively, gracefully and sensitively with wisdom and an open heart on an exploration of your inner world, so you feel much more connected with your inner wisdom and in tune with what is true for you. It is a pleasure to be able to share an inner voyage with her.” – Amanda Thorpe, Organisational Change Consultant

Forget about The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Meet a true life lawyer who left it all behind. When adversity strikes, she stumbles upon her Inner Voyage and now she helps others in their journey.” – Rohit Bassi, Speaker

Delphine’s approach to Inner and Outer transformation is one of the most direct, effective and accessible that I have ever come to experience – and I’ve experienced A LOT. I came out every session feeling so much lighter, and dealt very deeply with deep-seated realizations about my core relationships – all in SUCH a caring, gentle, thorough and effective manner! My relationship with my mom has deepened and transformed. One time I had a health-emergency session that reassured me and catalyzed healing. I am so excited about all the possibilities for a sustained lightness of being the Inner Voyage Programme can bring me in the future. Delphine herself as a practitioner is incredibly gentle, astute and her potent guidance helped me to uncover my inner landscape all on my own. Powerful, with SO many applications. – Ng Yin Ling, Founder of Urban Spirit