Events with Ange Gardien

Connect. Reveal. Transcend.

Experience deep and lasting transformations during workshops or multi-day immersive retreats. Designed to facilitate an individual’s own growth and evolution, at an accelerated pace, to get the most out of the experience, unlocking true potential, accessing authentic self and maintain that authenticity over a period of time.

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Inner Voyage allowed me to go on an internal sensory journey that enabled my cells to communicate. My body is now remembering. Delphine facilitates in such a graceful and gentle manner. The process speaks deeply to the body and allows it to take over in the healing process. I did not anticipate the openings that followed a week later. Utterly beautiful. I learned that a process that seemed like a magical Disney journey inside could have such strong effects and openings. It feels like trauma release but I’m not relating it to any past event in my life. It is a kinder way to approach things that I am scared of. I now know how to deal with bad or frightening images in my brain. Delphine has an intuitive ability to know what you and your body needs. I believe she’s created something extraordinary and I have no real understanding of how it works, but it does. – Deborah Galloway, Choreographer, Director & Movement Director

I was surprised by how simple yet effective Inner Voyage was for accessing such a high state of awareness and understanding who I truly am. I became so present. During each session, I was taken on a personal journey in a gentle, respectful and very beautiful manner. It is such an effective way to release old patterns, stories and reveal the mechanisms that kept me locked in limiting patterns. Inner Voyage is such a rich experience which is also very organic to integrate and apply. The benefit of Inner Voyage becomes obvious within 15 minutes and even more after a few sessions. From emotional balancing to physical healing the applications for Inner Voyage are so diverse. Delphine’s way of facilitating and holding space is bathed in trust and kindness and you can feel how passionate she is about her work. I am really excited to continue my inner journey with this colorful and creative process. I would definitely recommend anyone to consult with Delphine and start an Inner Voyage Programme. Thank you, Delphine, for bringing this sweet present to humanity.” – Benoit Collin, Inner Dance Facilitator

Inner Voyage is a great way to get in tune with yourself. To first try to approach and then face whatever is inside. Delphine is a great person and very kind. Her work will surely help you deal with anything that is hard to deal with from the inside.” – Charles Brepsant, Founder of Living In Motion TV

Delphine has truly opened my eyes to all that life has to offer. Once you embark on your Inner Voyage, there will be a moment when it just clicks and you truly understand what it is all about. I realized that I am the creator and influencer of my own life and I understood it on such a deep level. Since then, I have been taking responsibility for my own life and shaping it in the way that serves me best. I am now able to handle the challenges of life with excitement and joy instead of fear and desperation. There is an explanation and a solution for everything and I know where to find it now. Delphine always says that “this technique knows no limits” and it is so true. It is a lifestyle which is taught to be embodied from the very first conversation you have with her. Another perk of this programme is being exposed to somebody who embodies being Herself consistently without making any apologies to the outside world anymore. She does it so gracefully and with such integrity. This is the opportunity to witness what it is like to be yourself and do the same. It was truly inspiring to spend that time with Delphine – to hear and see how integrating Inner Voyage in her daily routine has changed her life. I am transformed and now have access to that wisdom and clarity whenever I need. I also have access to a tribe with whom I can now enjoy living in my Truth. Everything has changed and I love it. She is great. IVI is the real deal. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take the next step and improve everything.” – Ingrid Hermanson, Gourmet Chef

Delphine is gifted! I felt secure and trusting to open my inner self. Her voice, like a guardian, is soothing and her touch calming and reassuring. This was an important game-changing experience for me. The tightness in around my neck, shoulders and lumbar that I had been affecting me for years have disappeared completely. My limiting beliefs have shifted to accept and embrace the endless possibilities life has to offer. And the best part is that I now know that it is all within my own grasp. I just need to see it and take action!” – Agnes Wong, Planner

I really recommend and bow my head to Delphine who supported me on an amazing healing journey. I am a practitioner myself but I found that my healing journey had plateaued. I was in need of a very specific type of support that Delphine was able to offer. As a man, it is difficult for me to open myself up to the feminine in a healing session. Delphine was really able to hold that space. She is very intuitive. She was very guided. She was very confident and had a very high level of integrity and love and compassion through her presence. I want to highly recommend her work as a fellow practitioner and anyone that feels drawn to working with her, I would say don’t hesitate, don’t think about it too much, open your heart and go for it. It is worth it.” – Simon Jongenotter, Founder of New Earth Cooking

I totally recommend anyone who wants to experience a truly liberating and self-empowering session, to get in touch with Delphine and benefit from her skills, her kindness and true empathy and kick-ass sharp insights.” – Jildas Soul-Bridger, Ex-Banker, and Astrologer

Delphine’s approach to Inner and Outer transformation is one of the most direct, effective and accessible that I have ever come to experience – and I’ve experienced A LOT. I came out every session feeling so much lighter, and dealt very deeply with deep-seated realizations about my core relationships – all in SUCH a caring, gentle, thorough and effective manner! My relationship with my mom has deepened and transformed. One time I had a health-emergency session that reassured me and catalyzed healing. I am so excited about all the possibilities for a sustained lightness of being the Inner Voyage Programme can bring me in the future. Delphine herself as a practitioner is incredibly gentle, astute and her potent guidance helped me to uncover my inner landscape all on my own. Powerful, with SO many applications.” – Ng Yin Ling, Founder of Urban Spirit