1-1 Sessions with Ange Gardien

Be the most authentic version of yourself day in and day out. Learn to love yourself and manifest all your desires.

Offered 1-1 in person or online, each session will address the physical, psychosomatic, emotional and energetic aspects of your being and reset anything hindering happiness and self-love. A session may include any of the following:

  • Understanding your current physical, psychological, emotional and energetic health
  • Exploring  fear of feeling and uncovering true nature, freeing self expression
  • Self-healing mechanisms and practices
  • Physical and emotional detox practices
  • Holistic wellness support, intuitive counselling
  • Guided meditation and meditative techniques, daily meditation practice
  • Breath techniques and therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Energy healing, clearing energy blockages and accessing vital life force energy
  • Toning and use of voice
  • Inner Voyage Integration methodology, neurological and emotional reboot
  • Learning to access love from within, embracing life’s potential and live wholly from heart
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I highly recommend Inner Voyage if you are committed to self-growth and really want to improve your life and that of your loved ones that you have around you. Delphine is amazingly skilled at holding space. She creates a warm, loving and safe environment for you to explore yourself and all the things within you that are holding you back. Inner Voyage is a fascinating method to get to know what is going on inside you learn how to deal with that. It is amazing to have this tool. Go do it!” – Rinde Van Lon, PHD Computer Science

It was eye and mind opening. I did not know i can shift my consciousness and visualise my issues so well. I have been feeling great since the sessions and applying some techniques learnt during each session. I am more connected to my body and managing the symptoms of my health issues more confidently. Delphine is experienced and shares practices which help you without imposing. Such a revealing and comforting experience!” – Elena Sidorochkina, Trader

It was such a great experience. I felt very relaxed and at peace. Thank you.” – Jochi Peng

I did one session of Inner Voyage with Delphine and it was a truly unique, healing and constructive experience. At that time I was about 4-months pregnant and going through a lot of complications (heavy bleeding, a couple of hospitalization for threatened miscarriage, etc.). which were unexplained by doctors. Delphine took me on an Inner Voyage, bringing me to a place of truth and peace. She guided me and helped me reconnect and listen to my true self, highlighting a certain number of emotional blockages that were affecting me on a daily basis. At the end of the session, I felt connected and released from a heavy weight of guilt, stress, and fear. As a result of the session: all bleeding and complications linked to my pregnancy stopped. I set myself free from some fears and guilt that were stopping me to escape the hold of social conditioning and live the life I wanted. I feel more in control and attuned with my body. Delphine’s presence is calming and soothing, and her loving energy will make you feel comfortable straight away, easing the introspection process. Her approach is interactive and allows you to learn sustainable and simple ways to stay tuned to your soul and body. It’s a real journey and learning experience more than just a simple healing session. So I’d recommend Delphine to all people who are willing to find answers by reconnecting to and exploring themselves, may it be on an emotional or physical (health) level.” – Celine, Marketing Communication Manager of a 5-Star Hotel

A deep dive into personal space and mind-body connection through intuitively guided meditation. Catalytic! I recommend Inner Voyage to anyone looking to have a deep and honest conversation with themselves.” – Rebecca Nance, Yoga Teacher

Delphine is very supportive and intuitive in her questions and touch. My relationship to my husband has improved, the tensions in my body have completely subsided and I no longer wake up at night due to old pain patterns. Inner Voyage is a journey into your self, the true you, that you were so sure of as a child. I would recommend it to anyone with lasting physical or emotional pain issues.” – Svenja Poppe, Pilates Instructor

Delphine is a subtle, loving and compassionate person. Her discernment is a gift and helps anyone ready to hear their own truth, may it be pleasant or painful. Inner voyage helps to find a balance between these truths and bring them into clarity. Most importantly, it gives personalized tools to be more present, mindful and authentic on a day to day basis. One of the great benefits of this method is that it reconnects a person to its Inner World and this is something I could never imagine. The Inner World is a place fully creative and it presents unlimited resources. This is where I find all the beauty of this simple and intuitive method, which I would actually define more as a philosophy of life, and it is priceless. Thank you, Delphine, you are a living inspiration.” – Laëtitia Guyon, Artistic Director