1-1 Coaching with Gail

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, Gail creates safe spaces for women with their personal and business finance, through leadership coaching, sustainable investing and community building initiatives.

She coaches professional women to rewrite their relationship with $ and start negotiating, investing, discussing money with zen and mastery. She consults for female startup leaders as CFO-for-hire, champion for their personal leadership and guide in navigating the shark tank of venture financing.

Gail is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs holistically with financial, human and social capital. The macroeconomic context for her mission: the largest wealth transfer – $30 trillion – is set to take place over the coming decades, with a significant share going to women. Walking the talk, she manages her family’s investment portfolio, actively learns about gender/ impact investing, and loves demystifying money in the company of women.

As co-founder of Ladies Investment Club (L.I.C.), she connects women investors with female-led businesses seeking partnership and funding. She is the Singapore champion for SheEO, a global community of radically generous women transforming how women-led Ventures are financed, supported, and celebrated.

Graduated Magna cum Laude from The Wharton School of Business with a BSc. in Economics (Finance), Gail is also a certified coach for Conversational Intelligence® – the art and science of building trust, navigating difficult issues and developing high-performing, innovative work cultures through conversations.

Gail has been coaching leaders to transformational breakthroughs in individual and group settings since 2010. Passionate about creating financial zen and mastery for all women, Gail champions Women with their Money and Businesses through 1-on-1 and group coaching, investing and community-building initiatives like Ladies Investment Club and SheEO. She draws from diverse experience when delivering her unique work: living across 3 continents; a decade on Wall Street including Morgan Stanley; recovering from postpartum depression; a search for purposeful identity and work; investing a global, diversified personal portfolio; and ongoing and rigorous training with cutting-edge coaches.


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“The mindset shift today… maybe it doesn’t sound so big, but it is quite remarkable… I’ve never quite had a conversation like that with anyone. I feel so much more encouraged and brave about taking action in the coming week…”


“In the last 4 months, I have been honored to have Gail as my coach. With Gail as my coach, I discovered my purpose, what makes me distinctive and how to articulate it.
Working with Gail, helped me bring to light strengths that I was not aware of, like being resilient in the face of adversity, navigating through different challenges and gaining new perspectives and insights.
During our coaching sessions, I develop a new money narrative, understanding the system around it and how to better position myself.
Her powerful questions and direct communication helped me discover solid solutions. The safe, trustworthy space that Gail created during our sessions, offered me a sounding board to talk things through and to internalize my discoveries.” – Mihaela Munteanu, Learning and Organisational Development Professional