Courageous Conversations about Money

A workshop series for financial zen and mastery

“Know Yourself, and you will win all battles.” – Sun Tzu

No jargon, no judgment.

Just a safe space for women to explore and master their relationship with money.

Designed to meet you wherever you are, and move you forward.

Dream Bigger

The courage to look beyond traditional employment and design a life I love. No more a ball and chain, money is simply a tool to accomplish my aspirations.

Love Deeper

I experience and enjoy my husband’s love for me at a whole new level. It feels like we’re on the same team. No more money fights! To trust myself, and advocate for self – that’s priceless.

Live Fuller

Slayed a lifelong hoarding habit and decluttered my home. A monthly “Playjar” for my enjoyment and wellness, guilt-free and joyful! I now buy exactly what I desire, instead of (many of) the cheapest thing.

Be Richer

Exited an ailing business, and reinvented my professional future. Raised my prices to reflect my true value. Invested with peace of mind, after years of fear-based cash hoarding.

Developed and facilitated by Gail Wong

  • Top-performing investment banker at Morgan Stanley; Honours graduate of the Wharton Business School; InvestHER, Certified Coach
  • 10 years in breakthrough/leadership coaching, including Conversational Intelligence® : the ability to navigate difficult conversations and build trust

5 in-person sessions over 6 weeks

  • A proven 7’C’s curriculum with detailed frameworks and notes
  • Substantive 2-hour sessions of (fun!) exercises and discussions
  • A structure to apply your learnings for immediate results
  • In a community of women learning, growing and rising together


“Gail is a remarkable facilitator.”

“Authentic and insightful, she offers a guiding and non-judgmental presence. Coaching conversation with her enables me to see angles/ perspectives I had never considered before, and bring deeply buried thoughts to light. Thanks, Gail.”

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