Thrive Fusion

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Tara is a positive psychology practitioner, a coach and an adult educator, with a passion to help people develop and grow the best parts of themselves.  With an academic background in psychology, positive organizational psychology and a MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology, she brings the current research to life through practical and engaging activities, as a speaker, trainer or 1:1 coach.  She is a lecturer and trainer with the School of Positive Psychology (Singapore), Co-Founder of the Positive International Educator (PIE) Network and founder of Thrive Fusion.

Tara works with people across a wide range of contexts, including schools and universities, in the workplace, and on a personal level.  She supports people to improve their wellbeing to help them to feel better and function well within their lives. Tara uses a bespoke approach and tailors all actions to meet the unique needs of the individuals she is working with.

Some of the topics Tara covers include;

  • The Positive Wellbeing series (including wellbeing of the self, wellbeing @ work, wellbeing in education, wellbeing for parents, wellbeing during change)
  • Resilience & Positive Coping
  • Mindfulness
  • Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Purpose and Meaning
  • Self-compassion and Love
  • Positive Education

For Tara, wellbeing is an active and ongoing process, and is made up of many small actions that contribute to the larger perspective of how we think and feel in our lives.

When she is not spreading the wisdom and science of positive psychology, Tara loves her time with her family, her children and friends, or you can find her at the beach, riding her bike, with her nose in a book, or cheering on the Geelong Cats AFL football team.