Terms and Conditions for Games & Contests

By taking part in our games and contests on social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, you agree and accept the following terms and conditions:

Nature of Our Games and Contests

Our games and contests are driven mostly for purposes of user acquisition and engagement, promoting, branding, advertising and marketing. We do not purport to be an official competition or sporting organization.

Participation in Our Games and Contests

You agree that by participating in our games and contests, you agree and accept the rules and terms of the games and contests as announced and as stated in these terms and conditions. You also agree to comply with the rules, terms and conditions of the social media platform, e.g. Facebook, that we run the games or contests on. You agree that we may update and change any rules, terms and conditions of our games and contests at anytime in our sole and absolute discretion without the need to inform you in advance. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, howsoever incurred or arose, from your participation in our games and contests.

You agree that the rules of the games and contest, e.g. participation period, eligibility to participate, prize and rewards, may be subject to change at our sole and absolute discretion. We will give our best efforts in keeping the rules consistent. However, as may be deemed appropriate by us, we may vary such rules from time to time.

You undertake not to engage in any activities with the purposes of exploiting any weaknesses in the design of our games and contests, including but not limited to submitting multiple entries, taking unfair advantage of prizes and rewards, providing false information to qualify etc. All rights are reserved should we discover such activities from you and we may take actions against you as deemed appropriate by us.


We value your privacy. Your participation in our games and contests may require you sharing your personal data with us. Our Privacy Policy applies.

Observance of Applicable Laws and Rules

We ensure that our games and contests are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the applicable terms and rules of our social media platform. By participating in our games and contests, you agree that you will not do anything that is illegal or immoral, or in violation of any applicable terms, rules, or in controversy to any social moral standards and conventions. You agree that we do not take any responsibilities for your actions in participating in our games and contests.


In the event of any queries relating to our games and contests, please feel free to contact us at contact@resetnow.life.

Last update: 14 August 2018