Once upon a time, in ancient China, there was a warrior who was famous for his archery skills. When the sky had ten suns instead of one, and the earth was scorching and dry, he shot down nine suns so that the environment could restore its balance.

After being crowned the King by people for saving the land and lives, he ruled the kingdom with absolute power and increasing ambition. He wanted to live and rule forever and went to all ends in search of immortality.

Meanwhile, his wife, a beautiful lady named Chang-e, became increasingly unhappy with the marriage and found him impossible to live with. Not only was his temper quick and irritable, he was full of himself being the most powerful man in his kingdom and beyond.

One day, one of the King’s physician finally discovered a recipe that could give immortality. He made two pills for the King and his wife. Selfishly, the King ordered the physician to be killed so that no one else could attain immortality.

The King proudly told his wife that he carried with him two pills of immortality, the only two in the world. “Maybe one day I will give you one if you are nice and obedient to me,” he said.

Chang-e had enough of the King’s temperament and pride. While the King was asleep, she stole a pill from him and ate it immediately. You shall not control me, don’t even think about it, and I am immortal no matter, she thought gleefully to herself.

Then she sat down and imaged her life as an immortal, and the prospect of spending not just a lifetime, but an eternity with the King dawned on her. Oh no, what have I done! She was sick with panic and regret.

After calming herself down, she had a better idea. She stole the other pill from the sleeping King and swallowed it too. You will not have a chance, never.

The additional pill took an effect on her. Chang-e floated up in air, higher and higher away from the ground. Quietly under peaceful moonlight, she flew away from the palace towards the Moon.

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