Chang-e flew further and further away from Earth and landed on the Moon.

She was glad to have escaped from the King, but she was also afraid of her new life on the Moon alone.

On her arrival, she was surprised to discover that the Moon was not all cold and grim. Surrounded by warm light and fragrant mist, there was a beautiful palace. To her delight, a bunny was living in the palace too.

“Tell me bunny, how did you end up here?” She asked.

“My dear lady, I was once an ordinary rabbit living in a mountain. One day, I met a starving man who was lost in the mountain. He asked for food. I did not have any food for him as I fed on grass. He was dying. So I offered myself as food for him.”

“What!” Chang-e was surprised. “Why would you sacrifice yourself for a stranger?”

“Yes. Why not? Humans are constantly suffering. I can help them.”

“Anyway, the starving man turned out to be a deity from Heaven. He honoured me, gave me immortality and a home on the Moon.”

“Are you lonely here, bunny? Are you bored?”

“No. I have a mission to help people. See, I am cooking medicine all day. What about you, my lady? What are you going to do with your new life?”

Chang-e thought about it. It was not exactly her plan to escape to the Moon and live here for eternity. Now that she had already arrived here, she needed to figure out what to do with her new life.

After some careful consideration, inspired by the kindness of the bunny and grateful for her immortality, Chang-e decided to embrace a her new life and help people in all ways she could. 

Ever since then, once a year when the Moon is at its roundest, Chang-e receives wishes from people all over the world through the lanterns they lit, and she works on making all their wishes come true.

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